About the Company

Since 1973, we at Stell GmbH have established ourselves as a modern group of medium-sized company on the market for labelling and signage solutions. Providing clarity, safety and orientation in buildings, processing plants and at sea is our primary goal. High-quality materials and distinct industry knowledge in the fields of energy, chemicals, maritime, industry and fire protection ensure that the working environment is understandable and safe for personnel and employees.

The labelling of process plants as well as safety identification are among our core competencies. As a global group of companies with branches in Germany, the Netherlands and India, we work together with our partners and customers to ensure comprehensive, effective and correct labelling solutions.

Our aim is to offer you a 100% one-stop carefree package. Our business approach allows us to offer you a one-stop-shop for all steps of the process chain.  Project planning, production, on-site installation and documentation supervised by qualified consulting – our labelling solutions represent a complete package. Thanks to this approach we provide optimal coverage for all customer requirements. In addition, we have built up a close-knit network of competent and reliable partners and suppliers to provide extra services whenever needed.

The Stell group at a glance

  • 150 motivated employees
  • more than 45 years of experience on the market
  • distinct industry knowledge
  • comprehensive support

That’s us! We look forward to meeting you.