Tree inspection with Stell Inspections App

Digital tree inspection
Error-free and paperless data collection with the help of the Stell Inspections App and QR Code labels

Progressive digitalisation does not stop at trees. Together with our customer, we have launched the pilot project for digital tree inspections. With the help of the Stell Inspections App and QR Code signs from our company, it is possible to digitally record and manage the large tree population in a tree cadastre. The paperless and error-free data collection saves resources and enables faster reaction times in case of problems through real-time evaluations.

Out customer must fulfil its obligation to ensure public safety by regularly inspecting trees, otherwise it will be liable for damage caused by falling branches and fallen trees.
In this case 20,000 trees will be equipped with our laser engraved QR Code signs. The weather-resistant aluminium plates, simply attached with an aluminium nail, provide the basis for the inspection.

Equipped with a mobile device, the inspector records the tree by means of the QR Code. The unique, exact location data are determined and assigned by means of GPS. The app guides the user clearly and easily through the inspection. The type of tree, further information about the location, assessment and damages are queried by the app. The evaluation is carried out in real time via a web portal, so it is possible to react at any time in case of damage or a dangerous situation. Recommendations for action and new inspection dates can be add immediately.

The stored templates can be designed by the customer himself according to his own needs and requirements and can be adapted and supplemented at any time. Photos, videos and notes can be added to the entries and stored on site by the user.

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