LuxoLED emergency exit lights

In the event of an emergency, sudden darkness or thick smoke, emergency exit lights guide people to safe passage and more clearly direct one’s attention to a door or a particular direction within the escape route. Our LuxoLED® is ideally complemented by our Luxolight® photoluminescent signs.

Our LuxoLED® lights consist of a structurally variable metal housing, the inner part of which holds both the LED light source and two inserted, easily replaceable acrylic panes on which the individual information and directional details of the escape route are printed. Our standard lights are designed for mounting directly under the ship or corridor ceiling. If the ceiling height is low, a recessed version can also be selected: it’s less “bulky” and yields a reduced impact risk because it is mounted into the ceiling. The inner part of the LuxoLED® is protected against environmental factors depending on the desired IP protection class. Our LuxoLED® is available in IP20, IP44 or IP67, thus making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Depending on the viewing direction and on-site conditions, the two acrylic panes and their symbols can be customized with different safety indicators. That the acrylic panes can be easily replaced with a little elbow grease while the light is in use is especially practical: no dismantling required. This allows the light to be quickly and cost-effec-tively adapted to changed routes or assembly points.

We deliver the LuxoLED® emergency exit light packaged, ready to assemble and including a connection cable for your redundant power connection.

The most important product features of our LuxoLED®

  • Self-extinguishing
  • No tools are required to replace the panes, which can be done individually or in pairs
  • Housing is available in different surfaces and colours
  • Available for mounting under the ceiling AND for installation in the ceiling

Available in two variants, the width of the LuxoLED® is selected depending on the size of the motif. Other housing finishes in terms of the surface and colour of the powder coating are possible on request. The visible pane height can also be reduced or increased on request. We can vary between 60 mm to 185 mm – don’t hesitate to contact us!