LuxoLED emergency exit lights

Escape sign lights show people the safe way out in case of an emergency, drawing their attention even more clearly to a door or a particular direction within the escape route.
Our LuxoLED® units consist of the chassis, the lamp socket, an electrical unit, the LED lamp and the two inserted (and replaceable) acrylic panes with the symbols. We deliver the LuxoLED® in a package and ready to assemble.
The electrical unit and the LED lamp can be freely selected according to the desired IP protection class against environmental conditions. Through the use of different seals, our LuxoLED® is available in IP20, IP44 or IP67 and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
The two acrylic panes and their symbols can be adapted with different safety statements. This depends on the viewing direction and conditions on site. We deliver the LuxoLED® packaged, ready to assemble, and including a connection cable for your redundant power connection.