Safety signs for shipboard use

Internationality at sea requires comprehensible and uniform safety signs on ships. For this reason, the design of the symbols and their application were standardized in ISO 24409 and, at the beginning of 2020, adopted by the IMO as a regulation for the labelling of escape routes, emergency equipment, rescue and fire protection signs, and fire protection equipment at sea.

Durability and sustainability are the most important factors in the production of a ship’s safety signs. We manufacture high-quality signs that are just as suitable for climate-controlled indoor spaces as they are for outdoor areas that are heavily exposed to UV radiation, wind and water. In addition to offering our standard dimensions and materials from stock, our in-house production capabilities make it possible for us to realize your individual design criteria.

Our safety signs at sea are always photoluminescent. The labelling of escape routes as well as fire protection or emergency equipment on board is considered particularly relevant to safety. It must be photoluminescent according to IMO Resolution A.752 (18), as this ensures reliable orientation even when smoke is forming or there’s a power failure. Luxolight® is a registered trademark and is representative of all photoluminescent products that we offer. They meet high quality standards and contribute to safety while out at sea. Our Luxolight® products absorb the energy of the UV rays from the ambient lighting and store it before emitting it again in the dark as yellow-green light. Depending on the ambient environment, different levels of luminance values may be necessary. We can give you sound and reliable advice on this. All standardized Luxolight® products meet the relevant standards’ specifications.

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