Original Stell Stecksystem

The original Stell “Stecksystem” is a patented product for plant labelling that is specially designed for the labelling of components. Consisting of a sign-bracket, a slide-in profile, individually insertable symbols (letters, numbers etc.) and outer elements, the “Stecksystem” allows you to individually handle and design your sign. All symbols can be exchanged and contents can be adjusted when required.

Codings and information are flexibly compiled as individual symbols and can be supplemented with hazardous substance or GHS pictograms, the medium’s desired flow direction and its group colour in accordance with DIN 2403. The “Stecksystem” is available in various series which can be ideally combined, regardless of size.

Two material designs are available for all series. Our trademark Luxotherm® plastic offers tremendous resistance against UV radiation and contains zero chlorides. All symbols and slide-in profiles are also available as aluminium versions should temperatures in the application area be higher. On request, the original Stell “Stecksystem” can be delivered with the necessary fastening material.

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Food, Energy, Chemical, Industrial


Food, Energy, Chemical, Industrial

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Energy, Chemical, Industrial

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