Tank labelling

Tanks containing hazardous substances must be labelled according to German regulation TRGS 201 in order to ensure correct identification of the contents. The information must be mounted in a clearly visible, safe and durable manner. On the one hand, this aids in the work of your responsible employees, and on the other, easy-to-read and quickly comprehensible labels facilitate the tasks that fire brigades and rescue workers perform in emergency situations.

Using various designs, we adapt the labelling to suit your situation on site. As a rule, flexible basic materials or films are printed in combination with the desired information on the tanks’ contents and the necessary hazard indicators. In doing so, the size of the labelling should be adapted not only to the on-site conditions and installation location, but also to the bend in the base area and the desired observations distance. In Germany, it is mandatory to label and tanks with GHS pictograms. In addition, some tanks are furnished with hazardous diamonds or safety and identification numbers according to their hazard class, displaying the relevant hazards. Furthermore, information about volume, inner pressure or a numeric order might be required. We are prepared to address you individual needs regarding contents, manufacturing and fastening.

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