Plans for safety identification

The displayed information for employees and visitors in buildings is an integral part of safety identification. For this reason, our qualified inhouse CAD department specialises in preventive fire protection. We prepare, deliver and install the necessary plans for you in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and standards.

A professional on-site audit is the basis for all plans; a regular inventory check also ensures the safety of your property. According to the technical rule ASR A2.3 „Escape and rescue routes and emergency exits, escape route plans“, all put up plans must always be up-to-date. Any structural or fire protection changes must result in an adjustment of your plans.

We will perform this review for you. If available, the existing plans establish the starting position. If you do not have a floor plan, we will also draw up new plans – which includes surveying the on-site layout with a handheld laser device – as part of our service. Within the context of the property inspection, an expert conducts a variance analysis of your
situation. Amongst other things, this analysis takes into consideration the location of the emergency, rescue and fire fighting equipment, the path of the escape and rescue routes and the safety signage in the building. After all of the important information has been definitively registered, the final alignment with the relevant authorities (e.g. fire brigade, fire protection services, building authorities) can be conducted on request.

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