Stell Inspections App

Inspections and maintenance work that’s efficient and safe!

With the “Stell Inspections App”, your mobile device becomes the ideal partner during the maintenance process.
Our Auto-ID-capable signs provide the ideal starting point to clearly identify your plant components and equipment – and to connect them to the modern app system. Through the use of the established and future-proof NFC technology, secure, consistent and contactless communication with the label area is made possible. Confusion is eliminated and data collection fundamentally simplified. You are thus able to control maintenance work, inspections or entire audits with a guided process and evaluate them in real time. In the app, individual templates that are adapted to your company guide your technician through the maintenance process. He can document his work using photos, videos and notes. The insight into the product’s complete lifecycle is significantly increased and becomes more transparent. Problems are detected earlier, and costs are thus reduced. Our mobile solution is based on state-of-the-art technology such as Blockchain or Cloud Service.

Application options:

  • Facility management
  • Service work
  • Maintenance
  • Security checklists
  • Quality controls
  • Safety precautions
  • Process management


Download the app now and get mobile with Stell! Please contact us for a free trial access!


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Food, Energy, Chemical, Maritime, Industrial, Fire protection

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Food, Energy, Chemical, Maritime, Industrial, Fire protection


Food, Energy, Chemical, Maritime, Industrial, Fire protection